Klaenirios Awaits

Dark Horizons
The Adventure Begins for Group 2

In which the party meets in a small village on the furthest side of Clastow, called Balmoral. 

- Solomon and Zephyr each arrived under their own power, following paths only they know.
- Araxus, the drunken madman, left Vir'Sumeil and was beset by a tempest of unrivaled fury, and was pulled out of the water by Dmitrius and the crew of The Reginald.
- They proceeded to star in the hit new Broadway musical, "Fuck-off, Guy on the Roof".
- Read: A member of the Reabdi L'gra started shooting at people for reasons unknown, and killed 5 of the 100 ish people in the town. 
- The priestess in charge of burying the bodies proceeded to be racist to the shady elves but opened right up to the 'human' Solomon.
- In short, no one has any idea what's going on, but they know the Reabdi L'gra is mostly made of Dragonborn, well golly gee hey the Elradian Empire is where most of the Dragonborn live, let's go there.

(Cue month long break because life sucks.)

Sessions 2-4
Money and Wolves; The Fashion Police; Into the Sea, Into the Flames

Money and Wolves:
Money is made, wolves are tamed, and birds are jerks. 1/2/18

The Fashion Police:
No you can’t ride your direwolf in here!.. Don’t roast me like that. Talk to Tim! Tim has drugs! 1/27/18

Into the Sea, Into the Flames:
A great many things happen: Demon crows and their cults exist, the entire world loves Aesir, the guard captain is Obama, Pim read cheesy romance novels, Cymbaline prayed for everything to calm the fuck down, Setsuri kitted out his direwolf, and we FINALLY got onto the ship towards the Elradian Empire!



An Adventure Begins

Everyone met. We find out the sword is probably most likely not evil and Aesir is magic. Cymbeline warned everyone Dusklite will not appreciate your Human Torch cosplay. Everyone awoke to the skies on fire with magic and a star to follow. Setsuri offered his ship over drinks and Cymbeline said they would gather supplies at dawn. Adah needs more fucking sleep.

Fox & Mecer both received inspiration for witty retorts.

* Our elves, Aesir and Rilas, met on the docks The Elven Courts Vir'Sumeil. Aesir elected to assist Rilas in sailing for passage out of town.

* Shortly after they left the safe enclave of the Elven lands, they were faced with a hurricane and the small sailing ship was turned into salvage. Both were rescued by Lord Sutsuri, Capitan of the the Yoake or 'Dawntreader' and his crew and taken to the port town of Dusklite.

* Acquaintances were made with Adah, Setsuri's second in command and assistant, Whistle the Kenku lookout, first mate Bob Jake Bobbyson and various other crew members as they inspected Aesir's large foreboding sword, the Vir’Vhenas, before returning their equipment.

* Whistle dubbed the Sword and Aesir not evil, and probably not bad so it was returned to Aesir. However as the landing crew had already left, he swam to the boat much to the amusement of most of the townsfolk. The group arrived to Dusklite near nightfall and were welcomed by a town guard, Erath (ay-wrath) who attempted to gather everyone's name and business, slightly distracted by Aesir's pecs and the general odditity of the group.

* Cymbeline offered them lodging for the night, however Setsuri was distracted by a salvage shop and Rilas stoped outside a bookstore and sat down to read causing Cymbeline, Adah and Aesir to spend over two hours finding them and bringing them back to the inn.

* Everyone was greeted by Terrek the Aarakocra and prepaid for lodging and offered breakfast and almost instantly turned in for the night. 

* Shortly after everyone was awoken by Cymbeline banging on the door and demanding everyone with arms join her, and those without to take shelter before running outside to inspect the Aurora Borealis and shooting stars coming from the Judicator's constellation. Cy dubbed it a strange omen, but even she is not sure exactly what it means.

* It was triangulated to be coming from somewhere on the edge of Bloodstone Kraig and home of the Fire Gensai, The Elradian Empire. Cymbeline attempted to inspect the group for an hint of evil but could only detect none of them are zombies. Liquid courage was downed, Rilas tried to read Selkie script, and the group agreed to take one of Setsuri's boats in the morning after gathering supplies.


- Holly


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